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Back at home #home #happypang #jackrussellterrier
This is our bed. This is where 2 very happy and contented people slumber on every night/morning. Both of us are exhausted on most weekday nights. Yesterday Pam was reading on the bed and fell asleep while waiting for the washing machine to finish its duty and wake up to hang clothes together with Nat. Nat was busy with some work. When the washing machine was done, Nat tried to wake Pam but she was already in a deep slumber. Seeing that, Nat did all the tasks on his own. When Pam finally woke up, she was upset with herself but mostly touched. Thank you, husband! :’)
Supposed to have an appointment but due to the rain, plan is cancelled. Because of the recent dry weather, I am thankful for the rain. Would imagine that I would feel annoyed if I hadn’t experience the importance of rain in the past. Had breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop where my “godfather” works at and he treated me to teh and gave me a packet of tissue (as I cannot go off yet due to the now heavy rain). Thank God for the providence as I needed tissue and I didn’t bring one. #rain #singapore #coffeeshop #teh
Meow in the vicinity #cat
My Book of Prayers #prayer
Absolutely delicious! #baked #aubergine #pandan #tart
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